Founded in 2010. Grounded by our values, we’re on a mission to connect entrepreneurs with critical resources to create, launch and grow businesses.

About Nashville Entrepreneur Center

A Diverse Community of Innovators

Great ideas are everywhere, but that the opportunity to turn those ideas into reality is not equally accessible to all. 

We level the playing field by creating onramps to opportunity.

Entrepreneurship should be accessible to everyone, and we are working towards the day when every entrepreneur – regardless of race, gender, income or background – has the opportunity to realize their dream.

Why? To fuel economic inclusion in Nashville.

Because we believe that:

  1. Every person with an entrepreneurial mindset and a good idea deserves a (credible) opportunity to create, launch and grow their business.
  2. The future of our city depends on our ability to grow successful entrepreneurs, regardless of race, gender, income or zip code.
  3. Entrepreneurship powers the spirit of independence and vibrancy that makes Nashville special.

Beliefs in Action:

Since 2016, the EC has offered diversity scholarships for our PreFlight program to entrepreneurs from underrepresented backgrounds and for women founders, veteran entrepreneurs, founders of color, LGBTQIA+ founders, student ambassadors and foreign-born founders.

In 5 years, we’ve awarded 92 scholarships. In 2020, we’ve expanded scholarships to cover all of our programs. EC scholars have gone on to create 40 jobs in the Nashville community.