One Hour Workshop: Remote Employee Engagement w/ Dan NewmanNow that you’ve transitioned to a remote working arrangement, how can you do it better?

In this workshop, we teach practical and effective remote techniques for some of the biggest challenges remote teams face: employee engagement, accountability, and morale.  

Whether you were remote pre-COVID or still struggling with the transition to remote work, the metric for long-term retention is still how well does my organization engage our workforce. This workshop will help you adapt and enhance key virtual skills that engage employees.

By the end of this session, participants will be able to:  

- Describe three activities that drive excellent remote 1-1s
- Define what “trust” means in their working relationships
- Craft an accountability loop that builds trust
- Articulate five ways to engage remote employees

With over a decade in the learning and development space, Dan will quickly and creatively customize a solution for you that will be delightful and sustainable for your organization. Dan specializes in technology startups designing onboarding, performance management strategies, career development pathways, and sales enablement. Dan is a Certified Professional in Talent Development from the Association for Talent Development, the pinnacle achievement from one of the largest organizations in talent development.