EC Speaker Series: Cliff Goldmacher

Join GRAMMY-recognized, #1 hit songwriter and author, Cliff Goldmacher, as he uses the power of music to hone your business innovation. Through this one-hour workshop, Cliff will teach you how to use songwriting to unlock your corporate creativity, and employ storytelling and emotion-rich language around remote work and other current workplace issues. 

Together, you'll go through the process of songwriting, from brainstorming metaphor ideas, verse and chorus lyrics, then hear your song played live! Improve your innovation skills and unlock a powerful new way to examine any work-related issue with this unforgettable workshop.

Cliff works with clients worldwide, such as Deloitte, Google, Pfizer and Southwest Airlines. Cliff will show the audience how to think more creatively about the processes we use to explore and untangle complex business issues, using songwriting as a vehicle for innovative thinking. 

Some more on Cliff: 

Cliff Goldmacher is a GRAMMY-recognized, #1 hit songwriter, music producer and author. His book, The Reason For The Rhymes: Mastering The Seven Essential Skills of Innovation by Learning to Write Songs, encapsulates the principles of his in-demand corporate workshops where he teaches business teams how to use songwriting to tap into their creativity and enhance their innovative skill sets. 

After graduating from Stanford with a degree in political science, Cliff, instead of heading to law school, chose to pursue a career in music. Fast forward thirty years and Cliff has written well over a thousand songs including chart toppers recorded by GRAMMY-winning and platinum-selling artists in genres ranging from Americana, country, pop, blues, jazz and classical crossover. Cliff has also given multiple TEDx presentations on songwriting. Cliff’s clients include Deloitte, Google, Pfizer and Southwest Airlines.