OFFICE HOURS: Public Relations w/ Parthenon PRParthenon PR believes in keeping relations at the core of public relations. Our efforts are centered on relationships, and our first priority is to get to know you and your needs and expectations. We are a full-service creative, public relations, marketing and event management agency that likes to serve as an extension of your team with a full-throttle dedication to execution. Our robust, results-oriented strategies include a mix of tactics specifically designed to help you reach your goals. There’s no limit to the heights and depths we are willing to go to for our clients’ successes, which is why we tend to have long-term relationships with our clients as they experience our all-in, hands-on approach. We are intentionally a small, boutique agency, ensuring we aren’t stretched too thin in order to consistently exceed our clients’ expectations. With our deep Nashville roots and more than 30 years of combined PR and marketing experience in public relations, we are equipped and ready to develop and implement a strategic and creative communications plan, and we’re excited to learn more about you!